African Children’s Choir

We are delighted to support the African Children’s choir society. They do some amazing things for neglected and vulnerable African Children. Over the years they have trained, nurtured and provided a home for the needy. Children they support include the orphaned, the abandoned, the sick and the poor. The organisation also does amazing gospel gigs that raise awareness to Christ and helps raise money.

The charity mainly focuses on these core practises:

  1. Providing education to poor, orphaned and abandoned children
  2. Providing financial support to poor families in order to help their growing children.
  3. Providing accommodation and mentoring to orphaned and abandoned children.
  4. Providing food and clothes for the children in need.
  5. Putting up the best children’s choir out there that is a blessing and a source of joy to many that encounter them


At RecDaddy, we are encouraged by the African Children’s Choir and are committed to supporting them in all aspects of their operation. This is why for every profit we make; we give 50% to the African children to support them in raising up the next generation of African Children.  We mean it when we say we have a heart for the African Nation.

Our Charity liaison is Maliatu Turay, a qualified Psychologist with a heart of gold for African Children. She was born in Africa herself and constantly volunteers to offer therapies to young children. She provides counsel to abused, neglected, orphaned and abandoned children putting a light at the end of the tunnel in many lives.


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